Bulgarian School

During the years of its existence the Church has supported Bulgarian Language School, as well as Sunday Church School.

Bulgarian Language classes were taking place during the week, while religious readings were on Sundays, during the Church Service.

The first Bulgarian Language School was established in 1914 aind its first teacher was Mr. Kuzo Temelkoff.

Pupils of the Bulgarian School and Father Evan – 1917.

Long is the list with the names of the teachers that have devoted much effort and time (in most of the cases, as volunteers) for the success of their educationalist mission.

Pupils of the Bulgarian School with the teacher,
Mr. Kuzo Temelkoff  – 1926.

During the previous ten years, the Church has sponsored the Sunday School, classes are between 10 and 12 am, during the Church Service.

The children are from 4 to 12 year old and learn Bulgarian  language, as well as acquire basic religious knowledge.

Textbooks and other school aids are presented by the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad with the help of the Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Toronto.

In addition to learning Bulgarian language, the Sunday School children organize shows every year for May 11th, the Church’s Patron’s Day, as well as for children’s Christmas Party.

The School year starts in early October and ends on May 11th, with the formal presentation of a Certificate and a book to each child.

If you are interested and wish that your child studies its native Bulgarian language, learns poetry and sings songs in Bulgarian and associates with other Bulgarian speaking children, please call us for more information and register your child by phone:

416-368-2828 – Church Office

416-857-5439 – Tsvetanka Grigorova (teacher).

 Children’s Vocal Group

The Church sponsored Children’s Vocal Group during 2002-2007.

Talented Bulgarian children, led by Ms Daniela Manolova, popular composer and singer, turn into authentic singers and actors and quickly become audience’s favorites.

The group wound up its activities with a series of original shows.